Anne: "I have passed that stage. No-one can help me but myself"

Newsletter#3 - February 2021 story, inspirations, tips, etc...

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I hope you had a good start in this new year. Let’s think positive and see what 2021 is offering us…

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This month I gathered you some articles, DIY ideas, wellbeing and decluttering tips, as well as the books I read last month.

Let’s discover together a new story and let’s me introduce you this month to…


1.Who are you?
Anne, 64 years old, divorced, retired (used to work for airline companies and also as an interpreter), one son (35).

French, living part-time in France, Portugal and Thailand (Covid allowing 😀)

2. Your favourite restaurant (and why?)
, a Khmer restaurant in Paris XIII. My favourite place when I miss Asia too much.

3. Your favourite place, where you go often for a walk?
The « Paredao » in Cascais (Portugal). This a trail along the cliffs.

1. What is your attitude with tidying up? Enemy or friend?
My worst enemy. I completely gave up.

2. Would you describe yourself as organised?
Well, yes and no
2.a. If so, why? What is your definition of organisation for you in relation to your lifestyle?
I see organisation as a necessary evil. Even if I am totally uninterested in administration, I am still very organized, especially for my taxes and my bills in order to spend as less time as possible on it. 👍

💡 Tips:
✉️ Start sorting your letters directly when you open your letter box.
✉️ Keep only the important documents.
📂Sort them by topics or by priority & importance.
🗑️ Get rid of all advertings right away.
📅 Try to sort your documents regularly (once a week or every 2 weeks)

2.b. If not, why not? What difficulties do you encounter?
I am a completely messy person. My main problem is that for me, what I don’t see does not exist. As an example, I once bought the same artbook 3 times because I had stored it and I forgot about it !! 

3. What is your favourite room? And why?
The living room. I have a very comfy sofa around which my live is centered (reading, TV, music, admiring the artworks I brought from all over the world, preparing my next trip…). This is, of course, when I am in Paris.

4. Can you describe it?
A large room with 3 windows, as bis as doors, bringing lots of light. My living room is called by my friends « The Guimet Museum’s annex , which is the Museum of Asian Arts in Paris. My room is totally cluttered with Chinese furniture, artefacts, Turkish carpets and cushions, orchids, etc…

5. What should be for you the characteristics of a room to feel comfortable?
(decoration, minimalist, flowers, colour, etc...)
The room needs to be very luminous, with lots of space, plants and of course a comfortable sofa.

6. What storage / tidy up or organisational advice could you give that you regularly use for yourself/at home?
I am the last person to give advice on that…

7. What tool/item/object do you particularly use for tidying up? 
Big garbage bags !! and compactors which I recently discovered.

8. What is/are your favourite shop(s) for decoration?
I am a huge fan of flea markets and not only the famous one in Paris BUT worldwide.

9. Where do you buy your storage items?
Foire de Paris or on internet now due to the current situation. I don’t have a specific shop, I search online for my requested items.

10. What is the one thing you absolutely don't use but you can't get rid of it?
     And why?
I hardly have something useful…What matters for me is the beauty of the things and the souvenir in what circumstances I acquired them. This includes Chinese ceramics, yogurt containers, square woodden sake bowls from Japan, chipped earthen chai cups from India, etc… You see everything !!

11. Do you need advice on how to tidy or organise your things?
    If so, what is it?
I have passed that stage. No-one can help me but myself…😉

💡 Tips: Never give up!! This is never too late.
There are different ways of decluttering and sorting things out. It is always depending of your character, of your routine and habits, of your family situation and of your living space. It also depends if you are doing this alone or you have the support from someone.
📅 Make an appointment for your decluttering programm in your calendar: define a day, a time.
🐌Start “slowly” with maximum 1 hour.
🎯 Define a goal you want to reach.
Stick on it: don’t try to find excuses to postpone this appointment.
🚪Start “small”: choose either only a category of items (books, plates, etc…) you would like to declutter or just a small part of your cupboard, a drawer, etc…
📦 Make different piles: items to keep, to give/offer, to sell, to repair/fix, a 2nd & last chance to use, broken items.
📦 - 🛍️ When you have finished sorting your items out, make sure you get rid of them, as soon as possible. Place the boxes or bags at your main entrance, so that you are sure you take them with you at the next opportunity.
🏆 By doing this, you will feel happy that you reached your goal and managed to clean and declutter.
🥊 You will have a sensation of clarity and freedom. It will also give you a new and positive kick for the next round.

1. Do you know all the items you have in terms of clothes and accessories?
Oh no !!! 🙈

2. Do you know where to find them right away? Where are they stored?

3. How many pairs of shoes do you have?
Over 100 pairs… 🙊

4. Do you wear them all regularly?
I do only wear sneakers and Birkenstocks now.

5. What clothes do you wear the most? Why do you wear them?
I do wear mostly casual clothes. I wear usually a pair of jeans with Tshirts now. This is more comfortable.

6. Do you use all the clothes in your wardrobe?
Maybe only 10%...

7. Do you always know which clothes to wear for the different occasions?
Yes. I used to love dressing up. Now, I am wearing more comfortable clothes.

8. Do you go shopping regularly?
Not anymore… I have enough for a lifetime.

9. What was the last piece of clothing you bought and when?
A gipsy linen dress, I bought in Portugal last summer.

10. What is your favourite clothing shop?

11. Are you a cicada or an ant with your clothes, accessories and shoes?
(which means you keep all your clothes or you sort them out regularly?)
An ant… That’s my problem…

12. Do you need advice on how to tidy or organise your wardrobe?
    If so, what is it?
I have passed that stage…I give a lot to my friends or to the charities.

💡 Tips: Never give up!! This is never too late.
Read the §11 to know how to start decluttering.

🚪 Start “small”: choose either only a category of clothes (hats, scarfs, jumpers, etc…) or a small part of your wardrobe (a cupboard, drawer, a shelf, etc…)
📦 Make different piles: clothes to keep, to give/offer, to sell, to repair, a 2nd - last chance to wear, to threw away.
📦 - 🛍️ When you have finished sorting your clothes out, make sure you get rid of the clothes you don’t wear anymore, as soon as possible. Place the boxes or bags at your main entrance, so that you are sure you take them with you at the next opportunity.
✋ By still having your clothes in your place, there is a higher chance you will keep them.
🏆 Be grateful for what you have achieved!! This is a great and big step.

1. What do you do with the objects and clothes you no longer use?
I give them away. I offered them to my friends or bring them to Emmaus.

2. Do you have an address for us?
Emmaus (This is a French organisation created by l’Abbé Pierre. Could be compared with Oxfam.)


This month I would like to present you 2 books I have read, both are again completely different from genre. One book is a present from the author herself, Aurélie Tramier, who I had the chance to meet personally.
Thank you Aurélie 🙏🙏

📚A French book about personal development (also available in English and German): Cessez d’être gentil, soyez vrai ! from Thomas d’Ansembourg.
“The readers will learn simple, practical skills to step outside of their emotional masks to live a genuine, authentic life. Teaching everyday communication skills to respectfully express true feelings and the power of requesting wants without demands or force, readers learn how to tackle life and difficult situations and conversations with ease and even excitement .”

📚A French book (only available in French): “Vous reprendrez bien un petit chou” from Aurélie Tramier.
“This book is a feel-good novel about mothers, work and “petits choux”. Five generations cross over to draw a portrait of the woman of today, from the great-grandmother to the granddaughter, the overworked mother, the feminist grandmother and the dreamy student.”


Every week I use and try to publish my weekly menu suggestions. What I usually cook at home. This enables me to plan the meals in advance, to make sure all the necessary ingredients are on my food shopping list. You save time and money. I usually plan the meals / recipes according to our internal organisation and routine. You can find my current, as well as, my older menus on my blog page:

💡 Tips:
-If you manage, try to prepare or cook your lunch or your diner the evening before.
-Cook 2 meals at the same time; you will save you time.
-Cook a double portion of your meal, so that you can either eat the rest on the next day or freeze it for another occasion.

Need cooking inspirations?



How to use your washing machine properly:

1. Keep the labels of your clothes and linen (They are more useful than you think. On the labels are symbols and instructions on how to wash your clothes in the best possible way.)
2. Do not add too much detergent as needed.
3. Do not forget to empty your pockets.
4. Do not overload the drum.
5. Do not leave stains (Just apply a stain remover before the drumming process so that even very bad stains are becoming just a memory.)
6. Do not use only short programmes at low temperatures (Even if there are environment friendly, with the time unpleasant odours are likely to be present.)
7. Maintain and clean your washing machine regularly.
8. Do not buy expensive detergents (Expensive detergents are more aggressive on the laundry, especially due to their composition. Keep trusting your “old” detergents.)
9. Leave the washing machine open between 2 washes (This prevents unpleasant odours and mould from settling inside the drum.)
10. Wash with nets (Small pieces of clothes and underwear, such as socks, masks or gloves can get into the tub-pump of your washing machine and even cause a breakdown.)


“New Year's Resolutions Don't Work - Here's What You Should Consider Instead”
from Robert Glazer

I found this article very informative. It gives us some good ideas and tips on how to start this new year during this very challenging time and change our vision of things.

Read the article


“6 Better Things to Do After 6 P.M. That’ll Enrich Your Life”
Thomas Oppong

A solid evening routine can help you decompress, improve mental clarity and ultimately empower you for the next morning

Since the beginning of 2020, we are living in a “world” of uncertainty, anxiety, stress, unknow, etc… and we still do not know if there will be soon an end of this difficult period of time. Therefore, we all need to take care of ourself, not only physically but also mentally and emotionally. I would like to share with you this short article who may bring you some ideas and tips on how to protect yourself and stay positive.

Here is the summary from the article:
1.Read for pleasure.
2.Pursue your favourite passion project.
3.Learn more about a topic you are curious about.
4.Take a course in a completely different domain.
5.Pick up an unusual artistic hobby.
6.Build authentic and deeper relationships

The full article from Kaizen Habits can be found on:


From my motivation monday quote “Make each day your masterpiece” - John Wooden
As 2021 still keeps us in the incertainty, I do live every day as it would be the last one.

Make the most it!!
Enjoy every single day and take care of yourself 🙏🙏🙏

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