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Newsletter#8 July 2021 story, inspirations, tips, etc...

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This month I have gathered different tips for you, as well as one books’ tip for the summer.

Let’s discover together a new story and let’s me introduce you this month to…


1.Who are you?
My name is Ina Schindler. I started my own business as PR Freelancer in 2009 and never regretted this step. My profession was always communication, in various forms.

I worked as a journalist, in international communication consultancies and as a PR manager. I live in the countryside near Munich, with my wonderful husband, three loud children and a deaf Beagle.

2. Your favourite restaurant (and why?)
The Valentino Bar in Rovinj, Croatia.

It’s a Cocktail Bar with the most fantastic view, especially during sunset. I love Istria in general and like to spend time there in the summer.

But if you are really hungry, then better go to one of the fantastic restaurants nearby, for example Scuba, or La Puntulina.

3. Your favourite place, where you go often for a walk?
I was born and raised in Bielefeld and you can take a really great walk there, starting from the Sparrenburg. You follow the hill to large meadows with old trees, small ponds and dozens of playing dogs, as this is the local free walking and playground area for dogs, known as Hundewiese.😊

1. What is your attitude with tidying up? Enemy or friend?
Tidying up is natural for me, as I am one of the persons who see immediately if any small item like a pen or a vase is at the “wrong” place. A love-hate relationship I have with cleaning, which is a necessary evil to me.😉

2. Would you describe yourself as organised?
In general yes, in some areas not.
2.a. If so, why? What is your definition of organisation for you in relation to your lifestyle?
As a working mom I have to be organized – in a big household you need to have routines and know immediately where the things are

2.b. If not, why not? What difficulties do you encounter?
I have some spots where I kind of collect clutter, where you don’t see it. From time to time, I go through them and clean it up.

3. What is your favourite room? And why?
My living room with a chimney, cosy furniture and perfect light for reading, and candles.

4. Can you describe it?

5. What should be for you the characteristics of a room to feel comfortable?
(decoration, minimalist, flowers, colour, etc...)
I like natural materials and matching colors – not too much decoration. Various indirect light options are important to me, not only a bright on or off lamp. Besides that,  I can feel comfortable in very different kind of furniture’styles, if they fit to the setting in general, or have a very interesting design. What I cannot relate to is too much steel, glass and concrete.

6. What storage / tidy up or organisational advice could you give that you regularly use for yourself/at home?
When you add something new – like clothes – think about throwing something old away. 😉

7. What tool/item/object do you particularly use for tidying up? 
I love microfibre cloths, as you can clean up nearly everything with little effort and very few polish product.

8. What is/are your favourite shop(s) for decoration?
I lately discovered that you can find very nice items on Best Secret.

9. Where do you buy your storage items?
Ikea 😉or online.

10. What is the one thing you absolutely don't use but you can't get rid of it?
     And why?
A beautiful willow cradle, which all my children used. 😊

11. Do you need advice on how to tidy or organise your things?
    If so, what is it?
I could start learning from my husband about his always perfectly packed suitcases.

1. Do you know all the items you have in terms of clothes and accessories?
I think so, yes.

2. Do you know where to find them right away? Where are they stored?
Yes, most of them are in my bedroom in an open wardrobe and a cupboard.

3. How many pairs of shoes do you have?
Ahemmm…. A lot? 😋

4. Do you wear them all regularly?
Unfortunately, not in the pandemic, as there is so little possibility for dressing up today. But normally, yes, depending on the season and of the occasion.

5. What clothes do you wear the most? Why do you wear them?
In daily life: Jeans. And in the summertime dresses and skirts, as they are beautiful and comfy.

6. Do you use all the clothes in your wardrobe?
Normally yes, but far too little occasions to wear beautiful shoes and dresses in the pandemic.

7. Do you always know which clothes to wear for the different occasions?
Yes, I have my options.😉

8. Do you go shopping regularly?
No, only when I have time or need something.

9. What was the last piece of clothing you bought and when?
A nice little black dress which still waits for an occasion to be worn. 😉

10. What is your favourite clothing shop?
I like More&More, Best Secret, Palmers and Ludwig Beck.

11. Are you a cicada or an ant with your clothes, accessories and shoes?
(which means you keep all your clothes or you sort them out regularly?)
Something in between.😋

12. Do you need advice on how to tidy or organise your wardrobe?
    If so, what is it?
Only help in achieving a weight and size goal, after these homeschooling and Lockdowon times….😎

1. What do you do with the objects and clothes you no longer use?
If they are ripped down, I throw them away. A lot of children’s toys I gave them away to the local Kindergarden and used clothes to charity and friends. I made a baby blankie once out of a nice, emerald green Lambswool pullover.

2. Do you have an address for us?
Second hand Shops of Caritas or AWO are always thankful for still good clothes, especially for children.


This month I would like to present you one book from the same author I introduced you in January. This time I am glad to inform you that her book has been translated into english 🤫:

📚An English book Can I Give My Stepkids Back?”by Aurelie Tramier

“As a childcare centre director, Morgan has to deal with kids every day but would much rather run her own boarding kennel. Snoopy-Morgan's beagle-s indeed the only living being she has considered family these past few years. When her sister and brother-in-law die in a terrible car crash, she has no choice but to adopt their two children.
The unexpected addition to her household is clearly unlikely to get her closer to her canine goals. And as if this wasn't enough, she seems to be getting it all wrong with her "stepkids", ordering bedding her new son Elliot finds terribly childish, and forgetting to bake a cake for school on Lea's birthday. Grandma Catherine is convinced she'd do a much better job...
When Snoopy sprains his leg, the kids are swept off their feet by the handsome single vet who's nursing him back to health. They're convinced he and Morgan would be a match made in heaven. Now they only need to convince Morgan... .“


Every week I publish my weekly menu suggestions. This enables me:
-To plan the meals in advance.
-To make sure all the necessary ingredients are on my food shopping list.
-To save time & money.
I usually plan the meals / recipes according to our internal organisation and routine. All my current, as well as, my older menus are on my blog page together with the food shopping list:

Need cooking inspirations?

(Beyond Making Salad)

From Irene Ngo

I follow the newsletter from Chatelaine and I found this article about kitchen tips very interesting. These are simple and useful tips.

To the article...


From Emily MacCulloch

I have grey hairs since the birth of my first child, so let’s me count… 17 years. I used to dye them at the beginning because I was afraid that if I come to pick up my kids at school, the other children would think that I am the grandmother and not the mother.

And one day, I decided to accept the real colour of my hair and to stand for it!!

This article is for those who are sceptical about having grey hair; this is from the same magazine and newsletter: Chatelaine.

To your new hair colour...


From my motivation monday quote:
“Try to be a rainbow in someone's cloud.”
-Maya Angelou

I wish you a fantastic month of July. Enjoy every single moment and take care of yourself 🙏🙏🙏

This is my last newsletter before the summer holidays start. I wish you to enjoy as much as possible this period of time with your family and friends. Make the most of it.

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