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This month I gathered you one article about DIY furniture, some cleaning tips for your tile joints, as well as one books’tip.

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1.Who are you?
My name is Myriam. I am French, married, live in Munich and I am coordinator in a company in the sport sector.

2. Your favourite restaurant (and why?)
I have a very nice Italian restaurant in the heart of Munich, where I used to go very often. I love it for its simplicity and authenticity: il Ritrovo

3. Your favourite place, where you go often for a walk?
I love walking along the Isar, the river which runs through Munich.

1. What is your attitude with tidying up? Enemy or friend?
I'm a friend of tidying up; however, I'm not an addict. I just like having a minimum of order around me.

2. Would you describe yourself as organised?
2.a. If so, why? What is your definition of organisation for you in relation to your lifestyle?
I am not a pedantic person; however, I like things to be at their place. It allows me to think clearly, to appreciate my space together with the objects surrounding me. And on top, it enables me to relax better. At work, I am more focused and organised.

2.b. If not, why not? What difficulties do you encounter?

3. What is your favourite room? And why?
My favourite room is my living room. This is where I can relax after a long day at work or weeks, meet up with my family or friends, read a book, watch TV or even sleep.

4. Can you describe it?
This is a bright room, full of tranquility and serenity, where I do have my favourite objects. We currently live in an apartment and we don’t have too much space. Therefore, my living room has become my favourite room.

5. What should be for you the characteristics of a room to feel comfortable?
(decoration, minimalist, flowers, colour, etc...)
Above all, there should be (external) light, colour but not too much, and it should be tidy. However, it should also show signs of being "occupied". I don't like museum rooms where everything is still and lifeless.

6. What storage / tidy up or organisational advice could you give that you regularly use for yourself/at home?
I do tidy up a little bit every day in order not to be overwhelmed.

7. What tool/item/object do you particularly use for tidying up? 
I use boxes, baskets and cabinets.

8. What is/are your favourite shop(s) for decoration?
I don't have any favourite shop. My decoration reflects my travels and encounters, my family and friends.

9. Where do you buy your storage items?
Everywhere… in shops like Ikea, DIY stores, etc…

10. What is the one thing you absolutely don't use but you can't get rid of it?
     And why?
I have two: a ladle and an old ice cream maker, both belonged to my beloved grandmother who left us too soon.

💡 Tips: As already mentioned in my last newsletter, sentimental objects are the most difficult part of the decluttering process. It is usually done at the very end. Through the years and due to the lack of space, it is becoming very hard to keep all these objects. One small tip, try to take pictures of your objects and create a photo album like you would do with your holidays pictures. You can split your sentimental objects in 2 categories: the one you can’t really get rid of and the one you can keep in picture (as a souvenir).

11. Do you need advice on how to tidy or organise your things?
    If so, what is it?
How do you get someone who doesn't care about tidying up to understand that it is important for you and for your other flatmates?

💡 Tips: Indeed, it is not easy...
We all have different degrees of tolerance for dirt, loose things, etc... A very good example is the majority of our children :) I know very few of them who like to tidy up!

As an adult, I would really make a list of the things that bother you the most, that are very important and vital to you. And your flatmate should eventually do the same. Discuss together and find compromises. Explain that if you tidy up right away, you won't have to do anything else, that you feel better and that the space is free.
Or the "quick and dirty" version, you have a nice basket, you go around your flat and pick up what your roommate has left behind.
You give it to him and he has to sort the things out himself.
🙈 This is what I do sometimes with my kids, when I am fed up to repeat asking them to tidy up…

1. Do you know all the items you have in terms of clothes and accessories?
Yes and no - I don't shop often, so everything I have, I've had for a long time and mostly I know what I have.

2. Do you know where to find them right away? Where are they stored?

3. How many pairs of shoes do you have?
I have very few pairs of shoes; I would say, I have maybe 10 pairs.

4. Do you wear them all regularly?
Yes and no. The good thing is that I share them with my daughter.

5. What clothes do you wear the most? Why do you wear them?
I usally wear trousers / jumpers or dresses / stolas because they are comfi, practical and easy to put it on in the morning.

6. Do you use all the clothes in your wardrobe?
Not really.

7. Do you always know which clothes to wear for the different occasions?
Yes, I usually do.

8. Do you go shopping regularly?
Usually not really and during this current situation, even less.

9. What was the last piece of clothing you bought and when?
I bought 3 different coloured stolas for the summer - The good thing with them is that they are timeless.

10. What is your favourite clothing shop?
I dont have any. I follow my intuition and my needs.

11. Are you a cicada or an ant with your clothes, accessories and shoes?
(which means you keep all your clothes or you sort them out regularly?)
I am an ant.

12. Do you need advice on how to tidy or organise your wardrobe?
    If so, what is it?
I would need advice on how to optimise the space in my wardrobe.

💡 Tips:
Like for your storage issue, I would suggest you to first start with sorting your clothes out; this enables you to get an overview of what you are definitively going to keep and the quantity of clothes you have. In the second part, I can help you to show you how to store with the space and the storage possibilities you already have in place.

👚If you need advice on how to sort your clothes out, read my last newsletter with Maribel, I gave some tips and advices on how and what to do.

1. What do you do with the objects and clothes you no longer use?
I bring them to the recycling containers or I do some upcycling...
Otherwise, I give quite lots of clothes to my daughter.

2. Do you have an address for us?
Not really, I use the containers on the streets to deposit the clothes.


This month I would like to present you 1 book 🤫:

Available in different languages:
📚An English book The Ickabog  from J.K Rowling.

A story about the difficulty of being both kind and true…

We all love monster stories. The author wrote this stoty ten years ago for her own children and she only rediscovered it recently. This book is an extra light for when the other lights go out.  


Every week I publish my weekly menu suggestions. This enables me:
-To plan the meals in advance.
-To make sure all the necessary ingredients are on my food shopping list.
-To save time & money.
I usually plan the meals / recipes according to our internal organisation and routine. All my current, as well as, my older menus are on my blog page:

Need cooking inspirations?

DIY : Pallet Furniture

I love creativity and upcycling. I am always amazed by people who manage to create new objets from old ones. I discovered the blog The Mommy Mess where they show different pallet furniture. Some of them are pretty cool!!

Discover the blog...

TIPS: Cleaning dirty, blackened or yellowed tile joints

Tile joints do not retain their original appearance forever. They turn yellow, black or become covered with mould stains. Those exposed to water and moisture (bathrooms and kitchens) suffer particularly. Here are a few tips for keeping your joints clean and shiny.

-Use an used toothbrush or sponge, scrub the tile with white vinegar (adding a few drops of dishwashing liquid may increase the effectiveness). Rinse with clean water and, if necessary, finish by cleaning with hydrogen peroxide to bleach.

Cleaning blackened tile joints

The first rule for floors and walls is not to let your bathroom or kitchen tiles get dirty. Unfortunately, this can happen and you end up with blackened joints. To avoid this, you should clean them very regularly, ideally once or twice a week. Soap and water are sufficient. You can finish the operation by pouring diluted bleach, which you leave on for a few minutes before rinsing. If you prefer avoiding bleach, it is better to use citric acid for example.

Cleaning yellowed tile joints

How about treating your tile joints like your teeth? Take a toothbrush and toothpaste and scrub the yellowed tile joints. You can also make a mixture of lemon juice and coarse salt. Then apply the mixture to the joints, leave it to work and scrub vigorously. Hydrogen peroxide can also help to whiten them.

Another option? Sodium percarbonate can be used to de-bleach without using bleach. Dilute one tablespoon to one litre of water and use gloves to scrub the tiles with the solution.

Another recipe is to mix lemon juice with baking soda. The result is a paste that is to spread over the joints. Leave it a couple of minutes before rubbing and rinsing. You can repeat the operation if the result is not satisfactory the first time.


From my motivation monday quote:
“Be a positive energy trampoline – absorb what you need and rebound more back.” — Dave Carolan

I wish you a fantastic month of May. Enjoy every single moment and take care of yourself 🙏🙏🙏

I keep repeating this sentence and I believe in it!! This is not so easy as it seems; however, it is worth trying!! It enables me remaining positive.

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