Severine:"Decluttering is my enemy. I quickly get overwhelmed."

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April opens its arms, spring is slowly coming. Let’s keep positive and discover what April is offering us…

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This month I gathered you some articles, DIY ideas, wellbeing and decluttering tips, as well as some books’tips.

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1.Who are you?
My name is Séverine. I am 41 years old, married and I am in charge of communication. I am french and have published 5 books for children. I am now currently working on an illustration project. I have an instagram account @cvrinebauer where you can discover the different kind of illustrations I am testing and playing with. It’s a real fun!! I love it.

💡 Tip: Below is the Christmas card Severine made for me (on request), based on my family pictures. 😉

2. Your favourite restaurant (and why?)
I love Japanese food. In Rouen (Normandy, where I live) there is a very good Japanese restaurant where I used to go very often: Hayashi.

3. Your favourite place, where you go often for a walk?
I love Spain, the South West of France and Brittany where I feel really good. On a daily basis, I like to walk in the forest near our appartment.

1. What is your attitude with tidying up? Enemy or friend?
Storage is my enemy. I quickly get overwhelmed.

2. Would you describe yourself as organised?
2.a. If so, why? What is your definition of organisation for you in relation to your lifestyle?
2.b. If not, why not? What difficulties do you encounter?
If I do not declutter immediately the things I just used, I quickly become overwhelmed by the objects around me in the room.

3. What is your favourite room? And why?
My favourite room is my living room where I use to draw or write my books.

4. Can you describe it?
In this room, you can find all my favourite objects. This is a bright room, full of tranquility. I currently live in an apartment and I don’t have any special room I can use like an “office”. Therefore, my living room has become my everything.

5. What should be for you the characteristics of a room to feel comfortable?
(decoration, minimalist, flowers, colour, etc...)
In order for me to feel comfy, it doesn't need to be a large room. I like small and confined places where there is a sense of security.

6. What storage / tidy up or organisational advice could you give that you regularly use for yourself/at home?
Unfortunately, I am not the right person to give advice on storage and organisation. My apartment is very small and I quickly get overwhelmed if I don't automatically put away my things, clothes, etc…

7. What tool/item/object do you particularly use for tidying up? 
Like most of the people, I use big trash bag! 🚮

8. What is/are your favourite shop(s) for decoration?
My favourite shop for decoration is cocktail scandinave.

9. Where do you buy your storage items?
Usually, I buy my storage boxes in shops like Ikea, one euroshop, etc…

10. What is the one thing you absolutely don't use but you can't get rid of it?
     And why?
I think I have too many. 🙊
I am very sentimental about objects. I find very difficult to get rid of them; This is one of the reason, I quickly let myself be overwhelmed.

💡 Tips: Sentimental objects are the most difficult part of the decluttering process. It is usually done at the very end. Through the years and due to the lack of space, it is becoming very hard to keep all these objects. One small tip, try to take pictures of your objects and create a photo album like you would do with your holidays pictures. You can split your sentimental objects in 2 categories: the one you can’t really get rid of and the one you can keep in picture (as a souvenir).

11. Do you need advice on how to tidy or organise your things?
    If so, what is it?
I would like to know how to organise my storage space without it becomes messy.

💡 Tips: Like I always mention to my clients; there are different ways of decluttering and sorting things out. It is always depending of your character, of your routine and habits, of your family situation and of your living space. It also depends if you are doing this alone or you have the support from someone.
From what you are mentioning, without having seen your place; I would suggest you to first start with decluttering your objects and sorting things out; this enables you to get an overview of what you are definitively going to keep. In the second part, I can help you to show you how to store with the furniture and storage possibilities you already have in place.

1. Do you know all the items you have in terms of clothes and accessories?
Not at all…🙈

2. Do you know where to find them right away? Where are they stored?
Not even… 🙈

3. How many pairs of shoes do you have?
I have very few pairs of shoes; I would say, I have maybe 6 pairs.

4. Do you wear them all regularly?
Currently not really, due to a health concern, I have to wear the same pair of shoes.

5. What clothes do you wear the most? Why do you wear them?
I like to wear clothes in which I feel comfortable. Usually, I wear a pair of jeans. However, I really like dresses, I usually wear them with high boots. I find it very chic

6. Do you use all the clothes in your wardrobe?
Not really.

7. Do you always know which clothes to wear for the different occasions?
Yes, I usually do.

8. Do you go shopping regularly?
Due to my health concern and the current situation, not really.

9. What was the last piece of clothing you bought and when?
I am a big fan of horror and fantasy series and movies, etc... Lately, I bought a "tree of Gondor" dress (Lord of the Rings), it is just sublime.

10. What is your favourite clothing shop?
My favourite shop is an online store called EMP.

11. Are you a cicada or an ant with your clothes, accessories and shoes?
(which means you keep all your clothes or you sort them out regularly?)
I am an ant.

12. Do you need advice on how to tidy or organise your wardrobe?
    If so, what is it?
I would need advice on how to arrange my wardrobe to have space without having my clothes wrinkling, as well as,being able to see everything without having to move my clothes around.

💡 Tips:
Like for your storage issue, I would suggest you to first start with sorting your clothes out; this enables you to get an overview of what you are definitively going to keep and the quantity of clothes you have. In the second part, I can help you to show you how to store with the space and the storage possibilities you already have in place.

👚If you need advice on how to sort your clothes out, read my last newsletter with Maribel, I gave some tips and advices on how and what to do.

1. What do you do with the objects and clothes you no longer use?
I give them to friends and to charity organisations.

2. Do you have an address for us?
Not really, I use the containers on the streets to deposit the clothes. Some objects I bring them to Emmaüs, which is a French organisation created by l’Abbé Pierre.


This month I would like to present you 2 books 🤫:

For the French readers:
📚A French book “La malédiction de la sorcière au poivre”  from Séverine Bauer.
The curse of the pepper witch - fantasy tale”

For the German readers:
📚A German book: “Wo geht’s denn hier zum Glück? Meine Reise durch die 13 glücklichsten Länder der Welt und was wir von ihnen lernen können” from Maike van den Boom
My journey through the 13 happiest countries in the world and what we can learn from them".


Every week I publish my weekly menu suggestions. This enables me:
-To plan the meals in advance.
-To make sure all the necessary ingredients are on my food shopping list.
-To save time & money.
I usually plan the meals / recipes according to our internal organisation and routine. All my current, as well as, my older menus are on my blog page:

Need cooking inspirations?


Easter crafts

During the Easter holidays, you are probably looking for craft ideas for you and your children. Therefore, I added you the link to one of the most incredible website (and one of my favourite!!) when you look for ideas, creativity, etc… @pinterest

Find your creative idea...


How to clean a tumble dryer?

Hair clumps, lint or pet hair, condensation, bad smells... All these factors affect the proper functioning of your tumble dryer. Without regular maintenance, your appliance will clog up, lose its performance and eventually break down. To avoid this, there are few quick and easy steps you can take.

Cleaning after each drying
The two parts of your tumble dryer that should not be neglected are the filter and the water tray. In order to guarantee efficient drying, it is necessary to clean them after each use:

Filter: Remember to empty it at the end of each cycle. It gradually collects dust, textile fibres, hair, as well as, hairs from your clothes. In order for the hot air to circulate properly and dry your clothes without overheating - and thus avoid the risk of fire - it is essential that the filter is not clogged.

The water tank: Remember to empty it after each use, even if the associated indicator does not show it. When it is full, the water trap can cause your dryer to stop in the middle of a cycle.

Monthly cleaning
Less frequent but just as essential is cleaning the drum of your tumble dryer. It allows the warm air to circulate better and more evenly when drying clothes. It also helps to prevent unpleasant odours. To do this, unplug your machine first. Then, run a sponge soaked in soapy water through the drum. Finally, rinse it with a damp cloth.
Caution: never use abrasive products or those containing alcohol.

The first thing to do to prevent unpleasant odours is to leave the dryer door open.

Cleaning the exterior
The heat tends to turn the body of the dryer yellow as it dries. To restore the shine, soak a sponge with the following mixture:
-½ cup bleach
-¼ cup baking soda
-4 cups of warm water

Wash the exterior and leave for 10 minutes before rinsing with a damp cloth. Then dry with a cloth.


Questions You Need To Be Asking Your Doctor At Every Age

I found this interesting article, I wanted to share with you.

“Your health considerations change dramatically depending on your age and stage of life.” Sydney Loney breaks down the key questions to ask your doctor in each decade.

Read the article...


From my motivation monday quote:
"Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does." - Williams James

I wish you a fantastic month of April. Enjoy every little thing and take care of yourself 🙏🙏🙏

Try to remain positive!! I know this is easier to say as to do, especially in this period of time; however, it is worth it to try!!

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