Tina: "Organisation and tidying up are my friends..."

Newsletter#2 - January 2021 story, inspirations, tips, etc...

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As already mentioned in my first newsletter, organisation and decluttering are very personal; we are all different, have all different lifestyle, routines; we don’t have the same needs and for each of us, having a cleaned or organised space does not have the same signification than for someone else.

This is why I created this newsletter: to share stories of other persons and get their feedback, tips, inspirations, etc… and to show you that you are not alone with this feeling…
This is also the opportunity to provide you with ideas on DIY, upcycling, lifestyle, etc…

Let’s discover together a new story and let’s me introduce you this month to…

Your story

1.Who are you?
My name is Tina, I am a single mom, Managing Director and live in Munich. I am German but I was born in France 😀

2. Your favourite restaurant (and why?)
I simply love Israeli and Indian food. I go often in Munich to “Indian Mango”, “Neni” and “Helene liebt”. These are my favourite restaurants.

3. Your favourite place, where you go often for a walk?
I go often walking in theEnglish Garden” in Munich.

Photo @Muenchen.de

1. What is your attitude with tidying up? Enemy or friend?
I am super tidy. This is my “Friend”.

2. Would you describe yourself as organised?
2.a. If so, why? What is your definition of organisation for you in relation to your lifestyle?
Yes, I consider myself as organized. My closet, my pantry  are always organized, as well as, my basement.

3. What is your favourite room? And why?
My living room with many big windows and my balcony, where I can enjoy the sunshine and observe “our” squirrel “Jack” collecting its nuts for the winter time.

4. Can you describe it?
My living room is very cosy with white and grey colors, many plants.

5. What should be for you the characteristics of a room to feel comfortable?
(decoration, minimalist, flowers, colour, etc...)
The room needs to be luminous, with lots of plants, flowers; however, not too much decoration / furniture and no bright colors.

6. What storage / tidy up or organisational advice could you give that you regularly use for yourself/at home?
If you have not used your objects / items for a year; don’t think too long - toss it!

7. What tool/item/object do you particularly use for tidying up? 
My hands... LOL

8. What is/are your favourite shop(s) for decoration?
In Munich, both shops where I love to buy decoration objects are Butlers and Depot.

9. Where do you buy your storage items?
I guess this will be IKEA.

10. What is the one thing you absolutely don't use but you can't get rid of it?
     And why?
Nothing 👍

11. Do you need advice on how to tidy or organise your things?
    If so, what is it?
I think I'm doing quite good, as I have nothing to get rid of. 😉

1. Do you know all the items you have in terms of clothes and accessories?

2. Do you know where to find them right away? Where are they stored?
Yes. I have the chance to have a walk in closet in my bedroom; this helps a lot to have all your clothes perfectly sorted out.

3. How many pairs of shoes do you have?
Approx. 30 pairs ( summer & winter )

4. Do you wear them all regularly?
Not really…

5. What clothes do you wear the most? Why do you wear them?
I do wear mostly casual clothes at the moment because I don’t have any business trips since the last couple of months. I wear usually a pair of jeans with a confi jumper and a pair of tennis shoes.

6. Do you use all the clothes in your wardrobe?
Yes, pretty much.

7. Do you always know which clothes to wear for the different occasions?
Yes, no problem!!

8. Do you go shopping regularly?
Not really, I have enough clothes.

9. What was the last piece of clothing you bought and when?
Last week a turtle neck pullover.

10. What is your favourite clothing shop?

11. Are you a cicada or an ant with your clothes, accessories and shoes?
(which means you keep all your clothes or you sort them out regularly?)
I regulary sort out my clothes and what I do not wear anymore I bring it to Diakonia.

12. Do you need advice on how to tidy or organise your wardrobe?
    If so, what is it?

1. What do you do with the objects and clothes you no longer use?
First I think about if I can change anything from the object or from the clothe before I declutter or bring it to Diakonia. For example, I do not like hoodies; however, I have lots of them (for whatever reason). Therefore, last week I simply cut off the hoods. Afterwards, I sewed up the collar and now I have several sweatshirts I actually like wearing again.

2. Do you have an address for us?
(This is a kind of Oxfam in Germany.)


This month I would like to present you 2 books I am reading, both completely different from genre and both have been suggested from friends of mine: thank you Sabine and Hélène!! 🙏🙏

📚An English book about personal development: The Values Factor from Dr. John Demartini.
“Living according to your highest values is the secret to living an inspired and fulfilling life.”

📚An English book (I read it in German): Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine from Gail Honeyman.
“This book is about the importance of friendship and human connection. Eleanor is an eccentric and regimented loner whose life beautifully unfolds after a chance encounter with a stranger.”


Every week I use and try to publish my weekly menu suggestions. What I usually cook at home. This enables me to plan the meals in advance, to make sure all the necessary ingredients are on my food shopping list. You save time and money. I usually plan the meals / recipes according to our internal organisation and routine. You can find my current, as well as, my older menus on my blog page:

Need cooking inspirations?


I love flowers and therefore, I wanted to show you this really nice and funny upcycling idea, on how to make flower pot with tetra pack. This is a nice activity you can do alone or with your children. You can play with your creativity to decorate it at your own style.

There are even more to do with old tetra packs…
Discover them on Pinterest



Aromatherapy - warm maker body oil

The best is to use it directly after your shower on your still wet skin.

You need:
°3 drops of organic lemon essential oil
°5 drops of organic peppermint essential oil
°3 drops of organic grapefruit essential oil
°50 ml of organic almond oil

Add all the different essential oils into the almond oil, mix and shake it up.
Ready to be used!!


2020 comes to an end… We leave an unexpected year 2020 behind us and start 2021 with hope and a new vision of life.
I wish you a Happy New Year 2021!!

Health, love, prosperity and all what you wish you for this forthcoming year.
Make the most it!!
Enjoy every single day and take care of yourself 🙏🙏🙏

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